Sky Taxi 2: Storm 2012

The president wants you to clean up the pollution that's causing insane weather around the world. There is only one problem: avoiding the rogue robots that are attempting to exterminate anyone who comes near them!

In the tradition of the best classic platform games comes Sky Taxi 2: Storm 2012, a side-scroller with 275 levels of running, jumping and bouncing off the heads of enemies. With simple controls, colorful graphics, bonuses, arcade mini-games, and tons of secrets, Sky Taxi 2 will keep you hoppin' and boppin' for months!
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25 votes Vote

make the game to be able to use the mouse or the arrows keys

Joanie, 03.02.2013, 08:35
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0 votes Vote

Make the game with gamepad support

Giovanni, 03.02.2013, 15:29
0 votes Vote

Fix bug that does not allow changes to mouse assignment. Fix freeze that occurs when clicking on these options (2 PCS have same problems with this).

Peter, 04.02.2013, 08:16
0 votes Vote

add an extra escape key next to the arrow keys so i can play with 1 hand. there is CTRL to the left, Ins to the right and del,end, etc on top...

sergio rodrigues, 03.02.2013, 20:57
0 votes Vote

Be able to use the mouse instead of arrow keys.

Ron Dunn, 03.02.2013, 23:15